Products in the shop: Does everything have to be available on site?

In local retail, a lot of thought goes into the placement, sorting and arrangement of the product selection. Seeing and touching is an advantage of offline shopping and continues to attract many customers to the shops in addition to the possible advice. 😎

Does the complete range have to be available in the shop?

👗 Barring supply bottlenecks, some products are also too big or bulky to physically display in the shop. Another possibility is that the merchandise is customisable and not all options can be displayed.

A reference to one’s own online shop can be a possibility here, but technical innovations also give rise to more elegant options. The keyword here is ‘omnichannel’.

👉 If, for example, you set up displays in your own shop where you can look at the products in detail, you don’t necessarily have to be physically present.

💡 VR and AR technologies could even be used to realise walk-throughs or virtual try-ons.

Merging the digital and real sales worlds can offer added value for customers and retailers!

Products in the shop