Product descriptions: Pure information or more?

Product descriptions have long been more than mere information on the appearance or functionality of the goods. You can use the product data sheet for this.

A good description must fulfil more criteria in order to offer added value in sales.

👜 As a retailer, you know your target group as a whole, but each individual product can be tailored even more specifically to parts of the target group. Tone of voice, choice of words and even questions that arise from the customer play a role here.

👜 Whether it is flowery, emotional or clear language, the advantages must be clearly emphasised in the description – unmistakably. It is precisely here that reference can be made to the experience the customer will have or would like to have with the product.

❗ Exaggerations are quickly recognised by the customer. If a product really stands out from all competing products, then this can be mentioned. But please do not make any promises that end up in disappointment – negative experiences quickly fall back on the trader.

Product descriptions should create added value for customers and sales figures.

Product descriptions