Privacy: Being successful despite guidelines

Attention Private! Enter only with the consent of the users!

🔐 Data protection and privacy have been an issue ever since personal data storage has existed – even in the analogue space!

🍪 Not least, this becomes noticeable through the setting options for cookies etc. that appear on every website as soon as you enter it for the first time. Users must therefore agree to allow traders, service providers and other companies to use their data for marketing purposes.

So why should they do that❓

👉 Sure, it is convenient to click on “Accept all” when you want to get to the page quickly after all. But the question is whether this will be possible in the long run. So the best option would be to convince the users.

So what are the real advantages of allowing cookies❔

✅ You don’t have to log in every time and you can go straight to your personal experience. ✅ There is advertising on the site anyway. So why not at least see interesting products? ✅ Pick up where you left off last time. You are taken directly to the ‘interesting’ sub-pages.

Convince instead of trick. This is how you create added value for both sides!