Personalisation on a large scale: is that even possible?

Personalisation on a large scale. Is that even possible?

Everyone knows the saying “mass instead of class”. So do you also have to decide in online marketing whether to address a broad audience or to include the individual demands of the target persons?

🐢 This was indeed the case with the “classic” advertising methods, but fortunately that has changed.

📌 Today it no longer makes a difference whether you address 100 people at one location or several million at dozens of locations.

💡 Personalised data is used to specifically reach the people who are receptive to one’s own offers. The conversion rate is significantly higher than with “blanket advertising measures” and it can also be implemented in a cost-optimised manner.

📏 The scale has long since ceased to determine the quality of the advertising measure. Mass and class are the benchmarks of online marketing. Ads in social media have the greatest reach.

Personal marketing for every location – for all products and services!

Personalisation on a large scale