Personal appreciation

For everyone it is a positive experience when you are valued. Of course, customers also like this feeling. You can do that in business with a friendly demeanor and good advice.

How do you do this online?

👂 There are also possibilities for advice here. You can answer questions on the website or from social media in a timely, competent and friendly manner.

👂 Of course, the same applies to feedback and complaints. Especially with the latter, you should contribute to solving the problem as quickly and easily as possible. If you have some leeway with goodwill, you should be happy to use it. In this way, a negative product experience can be transformed into a positive appreciation experience.

👂 In addition, of course, personal vouchers for customer loyalty or for a birthday are a kind of appreciation. Everyone is happy about a gift, even small and inexpensive ones.

👍 Any kind of appreciation suits the business, because it creates positive experiences and recommendations.

So you should devote attention and time to your customers, also online.

Personal appreciation