Online platforms: are they worth it?

Many people use various websites to find out about prices, availability, delivery times and much more before purchasing products. Platforms are particularly popular. The dealers selling the various products are also displayed here.

👉 By the way, there are also platforms for service providers on which you can offer your services.

👉 The advantage here is of course that you gain a bit of visibility and by purchasing from a dealer you are happy to use them later, provided that everything went smoothly.

👉 Of course there is also a lot of competition here. You’re not just dealing with local, but national or global competition, at least when it comes to physical products.

❕ But: It doesn’t hurt. In the worst case, registering on a platform does not have the desired effect. However, all other sales channels continue to run as normal.

👉 Online platforms are a good way to gain more visibility in the digital space.

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