One Advertising – All Channels: The big questions of advertising campaigns

The big questions in advertising campaigns are:

💬 In which region do I advertise? 💬 How much do I advertise? 💬 What means do I use to advertise? 💬 On which channels do I advertise?

We have taken these very questions to heart and designed our software to be maximally flexible and yet cost-optimised.

So it’s possible to launch a small local advertising campaign or right away for all locations – on all channels.

💡 Until now, one problem was that different channels also had different requirements and a concept was needed for each one. This, too, is much easier to do automatically, because only one campaign is needed to cover all channels at the same time – thanks to the software.

👉 How do you get that price-optimised? Many people can’t hear the word anymore, but it’s actually due to a high degree of automation. Our customers can launch large campaigns with just a few clicks – in self-service.

Large or small, local or national – we provide interfaces to all channels.

It’s the easiest and quickest way to get visibility!