Moving companies: The right marketing

People in Germany manage an average of 4 to 5 moves in their lifetime.

Friends and family are regularly used as removal helpers. However, with increasing age and a better financial situation, people like to get professional help with their move.

How do you get these orders as a removal company?

💡 Comparison platforms. There is now a platform for almost every service that compares prices, availability and services. It never hurts to go there.

❗ However, it is also important to represent oneself in the digital space. People who want to move are relocating their entire living space. So the human level is very important in marketing. The following points should always come up:

📦 Safety during transport 📦 Professional material and tools (for example to protect sensitive furniture) 📦 Insurance in case of emergency

👉 The service portfolio can of course also include the dismantling and assembly of furniture and many other offers. However, it is important to give the movers the feeling that all items are in good hands and that everything will be taken care of.

A move is much more than just transporting furniture!

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