Modern campaign management: How marketing works in 2023

How do modern marketing campaigns work?

“The boss comes into the room, calls a team into his office and clarifies there how far the campaign for client X is and what is taking so long. Maybe we only know this from films and television, or maybe it actually happened in some companies.

💡 Fortunately, this is much easier and faster today – and above all cheaper. The more people involved in a campaign, the more expensive it will be in the end. That’s why automated advertising campaigns with software are both efficient and user-friendly.

❕ No big rounds in conference rooms, but a few clicks and the customers’ wishes are implemented precisely.

👉 There are now so many channels on which you can be active and in which personalised advertising is carried directly to the target group. It is important to be able to play on all channels, but still have the choice.

📌 Modern means that the clients can determine the type and manner of the campaign, the budget and the implementation time – uncomplicated!

Customised campaigns – without many hands!