Local solidarity instead of corporate giants: How to reach your local audience!

Many branches? How to still reach the local heart!

When it comes to advertising messages, it often helps to ask yourself the question: What would be more likely to persuade me (my target group) to make a purchase?

Is it more likely to be an advert about how large the product selection is in all shops or about local business owners who have been there for 50 years?

📺 Many of us use TV adverts to do something quickly or to occupy ourselves with our smartphones. You hardly have the opportunity to respond to every location.

👁‍🗨 This is much easier on social media. You can respond to the special features of the local branch and create a much more intimate atmosphere.

💬 Sentences like “We walked past there the other day” or “Oh, is that on the street? I’ll be in the neighbourhood tomorrow and I’ll have a look” come from a local connection and arouse curiosity.

📌 It’s best to give the market or service provider around the corner a face that stands in contrast to the “corporate giant”.

This allows you to reach the right target groups directly on social media and increases the conversion rate.

In Germany 🇩🇪, the local heart is particularly big and strong. 💪

Local ties