Local campaigns: Whether large or small

Umbrella organisation or sole proprietorship? No matter how big or small: with local campaigns you reach exactly your target group!

Local campaigns sound at first as if they are primarily designed for individual shops or service providers that have a small catchment area.

💡 In fact, however, it is more a feeling or a perception than a predicate for the size of the company. It’s always about the target group and how best to attract their attention – the best thing, of course, is positive attention.

📍 Even with a large number of branches, you can position yourself locally and launch tailored advertising measures for each location.

📺 TV and radio advertising can only do this with difficulty. With the many personalised databases of Google and various social media, on the other hand, very specific advertisements can be placed – directly to the local audience that has an interest in buying.

👉 In practical terms, the umbrella organisation creates marketing templates that can then be tailored to local needs. So you don’t need hundreds of elaborations, but only one!

Automation is not just a dream of the future, it is already efficient today!