Keeping measures in view and evaluating them

Omni-channel sales, marketing campaigns with different media and further visibility efforts can achieve great results and boost sales in the online shop and local shop.

But which of the measures worked exactly and how do you find out?

📊 It is indeed difficult to describe a 100% attribution of sales increases when many strategies are pursued side by side. Are the customers here because of the flyers, because of the email campaign or because they happened to see the shop?

📊 With digital measures, there are definitely possibilities for measurement here. Does a customer access the website via a link in the email, via an ad on social media or via Google search results?

📊 These omni-channel campaigns can be evaluated very precisely and at the end there is the certainty of whether the individual components were more or less worthwhile. In local campaigns, for example, this can be achieved via discount vouchers that are redeemed in the shop.

It is worthwhile to advertise on several channels!

It is worthwhile to advertise on several channels!