Invisible products: How do I make a service visible?

How do you make the invisible visible?

If you search for a sofa, a television or a bicycle, a lot of beautiful pictures pop up immediately – you are flooded. This is not always so easy with services, especially because the will to own something is not triggered.

So you have to proceed differently – with emotions and associations.

📌 Whether it is a renovation service, gastronomic offers or gardening and landscaping, there must be a desire for more beautiful own four walls, an enjoyable evening in the restaurant or a retreat against everyday stress.

💻 The right place for this is exactly where people spend their free time – for example on social media.

🎬 The services become visible through beautiful pictures and personal videos that show the work and results. These are brought directly to the target group – to the leisure mood.

👉 Show instead of explain, do instead of talk. Consumers do not have to actively search first to give in to a desire.

It is also a kind of service to bring the wishes directly to the target group.

Invisible products