Images: Transporting emotions

A beautiful holiday picture immediately puts us in a mood of longing. We associate it with many wonderful memories and a great time.

Images can trigger very many and very different emotions. You should also be aware of this in the digital space and use it in a targeted way.

🐠 Faces. You can rarely go wrong with a friendly face of the staff or shop owner. This conveys joy and a nice shopping/service experience.

🐠 Pictures of products are especially important for the online shop, but you can also enhance these. If you place a few plates of delicious food on the wooden table or arrange a few beautiful flowers with the decorative items, it immediately looks much more lifelike and friendly.

🐠 In general, flowers, blue skies, sunsets and similar motifs have positive associations. These can and should be used for the presentation of the trade or products, if possible.

❗ The only important thing is that the image is coherent and of high quality.

Beautiful pictures and motifs arouse emotions and increase the willingness to buy. This should be used!