How is the quality of automated campaigns ensured?

How is the quality of automated campaigns ensured?

In local online marketing, the quality of the advertising measures is of crucial importance. Blurred or distorted images create a bad first impression – something we want to avoid at all costs. Our software works as follows:

🔸 Our customers create a campaign and create a template for it.
🔸 Individual locations can be provided with individual (local) customisations.
🔸 No matter how many locations, no matter which channels – our software adapts the templates to the respective platform.
🔸 This means that the quality remains the same everywhere and the target group receives the right (local) message – regardless of which platform they are on.

📊 Additional reporting data is provided for each campaign and each location so that the success is visible. Of course, templates or other settings can be customised at any time – even 24/7 in self-service.

We deliver high-quality campaigns for local online marketing – on all channels!

Quality in automated campaigns