How AI helps with online advertising

Personalised marketing made easy: This is how AI helps with online advertising!

Generative AI is currently a topic that cannot be escaped. This has mainly to do with the fact that the possibilities can be used by a broad public.

So what can AI do for marketing?

🎬 If we talk about generative processes, photos and videos can of course be created much faster, without using a lot of resources. Of course, this depends very much on the quality.

📀 For large advertising campaigns, however, it could become much more decisive that personalised data that is collected permanently can be used more efficiently. If the AI recognises patterns in the behaviour of users, targeted advertising can be placed.

💬 For users of social ads, this means that their own advertising can be brought to the target group even more precisely – which already works very well today.

👉 Combine this with generative AI, and tailored promotional videos could be created in a fraction of a second and played to potential customers on social media.

Large, targeted campaigns – with little effort!

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