Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find an answer to the most frequently asked questions about local online marketing. Feel free to contact our experts using the contact form .

Local online marketing marketing can be very complicated, especially if you have had little to do with the topic before. Anyone who has tried to run a Google search engine campaign, for example, knows that the setting options can overwhelm you. Like the medium, online marketing is very technical, and those who feel insecure can use services such as Localyzer, which simplify many steps and highlight and explain the key decisions. The essential settings, which then lead to the best possible success, take place in the background and fully automatically.

For example, all our customers can choose what they want to advertise when and where (region) with what budget. Also like, is called Google or Facebook or websites or … can, but does not have to be selected. We make the appropriate settings for you so that the ads are really only controlled in the desired region with the maximum possible efficiency for your own money (setting of targeting, max. CPC/CPM/CPV, keywords, website placements, frequency capping, etc.). Anyone who is still interested in these details will of course receive all the information and data transparently from us.

Online advertising is just as good and maybe even better at opening up new customer potential than any other advertising channel. The great advantage of online advertising is the measurability of the individual success factors. Correctly interpreted, they enable further campaigns to be optimised.

At the same time, the large amount of data available on the Internet offers the possibility of targeting advertising to potentially interested parties. The mere option of defining only a certain region or location in which the online ads should run increases the possible chance of success (people often find offers in your area more interesting).

Regional online advertising is part of a larger local online marketing package. The first essential component is your own website. Here a user must find all the essential information and offers he is looking for. In the second step, the presence in online directories helps to improve one’s own visibility on the net. Based on this, further online advertising campaigns can then be run, for example in a very simple marketing plan such as:

  1. Google Adwords search engine marketing to be found by interested parties (basic presence)
  2. Advertising on websites (display banner advertising) to strengthen your own brand and to attract attention and new prospects
  3. Social media marketing (e.g. Facebook or Youtube) to interact with potential customers, show presence, build up your own “fan community” and provide them with information and new offers.
  4. Promotional and special campaigns from all three previous elements to promote the specific sale of a particular service/product

Over 55% of people still prefer to shop in a physical store. Interestingly, at 64%, young people between the ages of 18 and 24 still prefer to shop in-store.

Local trade continues to be the quickest way to get a product or service as a customer. The prerequisite for this is local proximity and the availability of the offer. In combination with the right advertisement at the right time, the relevance for the interested user increases sharply, which means that they are more willing to shop stationary than online. This is where the local location plays to its advantage of proximity, speed, advice and a concrete offer.

So yes, the local business still has a great chance to hold its own against international online shops. He just has to use this chance purposefully.

Good online marketing does not have to be expensive. Aimed at a specific campaign area and the right target group, the costs are usually significantly cheaper than offline advertising options such as brochures, daily newspaper ads or posters. In particular, the avoidance of wastage and the option of only paying if an interested user actually clicks on your own online ad offers clear advantages over classic advertising media.

The possibilities for advertising on the Internet are as diverse as the online offers and websites and can quickly become overwhelming. With more and more technical developments, the complexity also increases noticeably. But with the right partner and service, online advertising doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Our Localyzer software offers you the opportunity to set up a complete regional online campaign quickly and easily in just a few steps. Even inexperienced users can complete the booking process in 10-15 minutes.

As with any marketing campaign, appropriate ad formats are required. Depending on the online channel, this can be simple text ads, text and images, animated images or videos. The creation of marketing materials can quickly become expensive or requires the appropriate experience and software.

In our system, however, you can quickly and easily create your own personalized ads using prepared advertising material. Text, images, logos can be adjusted according to your ideas. All existing templates are free. However, we are also happy to create specific ads for you, which you can then adjust and use again and again.