Expectations 2023: What do customers want?


A little more digital every year. That is above all the demand of the many customers. It is important to deliver a successful shopping experience everywhere – digitally and in the local shop.

🛒 A seamless shopping experience should be a given. Whether it’s through social media, brochures or another channel, you want the same experience and a smooth buying process.

🛒 When customers can order goods through so many channels, an up-to-date overview of stock levels is indispensable. 📊 Otherwise, negative experiences can occur if the order does not arrive at all or arrives late.

📌 The concept for omni-channel sales is best ensured via digital management tools.

❗ If the channels are outstanding but no one takes notice, it’s like fireworks in space. 💥 That’s why you should create a target group-specific environment and pick up users in exactly the right way – for example with ads in social media.

Lokal heißt nicht ‘begrenzt’!

Erwartungen 2023