Distributing flyers: Does it still make sense?

Separation is always difficult!

Flyers are still very widespread in marketing. Especially new openings of shops, restaurants or service providers lead to the small colourful information leaflets in the letterbox.

🀄 You can still reach potential customers with this – but for many, the small sheets end up directly in the rubbish bin, which is neither sustainable nor sensible.

💡 It’s not necessary to stop completely right away, but you should at least look at the alternatives.

🏹 Whether it’s a single shop or a large chain, flyers can be delivered to the right target group using personalised online ads and local targeting 🎯 without using a single sheet of paper or hiring a courier.

👉 Especially if you have several locations, this gives you a great financial advantage and a targeted customer approach. You simply pick up the customers in their comfort zone – for example in the social media.

Little use of resources – high hit rate.

Ist Flyer verteilen noch sinnvoll