Digital measures for location marketing – even in times of crisis

Our social structures, private and economic, are currently being put to a massive test. What has been learned becomes obsolete and the events surrounding COVID-19 (Corona) have a momentum of their own that quickly shakes many things that were believed to be safe.

However, the crisis also offers an opportunity to break new ground and reconsider previous practices. The aim must be to analyze one’s own situation as best as possible in order to be able to react flexibly to events.

At first glance, the physical location business seems
with most severely under the restrictions of business closures and
to suffer curfews. It is only understandable that in marketing here too
once the brake is applied.

Nevertheless, tools of digitization and that
Online marketing help to mitigate effects.

Now the time has come to offer customers and users the opportunity to stay in touch and even continue to receive their own services. If necessary, this must happen in a new form.

Initial measures to continue to reach customers locally:

  1. In addition to telephone and e-mail contact, existing customers in particular should be offered further options such as online or video chat
  2. New customers should also be able to contact the location near you via various channels and, if necessary, to obtain services. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, web conferences, video consultations, online appointments, etc. are all mature variants to remain relevant and accessible for users.
  3. Use possible free capacities of employees at the locations (due to closed shops) in order to continue to be available online as a local contact person.
  4. Locations with physical products can also think about new services. In addition to online shipping, which is now possible for almost all goods, on-site service also offers options. Repair and maintenance offers, direct home delivery (with on-site disinfection), advice, one-to-one sales, online demonstration, vouchers to redeem later, etc. would be appropriate examples.
  5. This (new) service should continue to be advertised locally and especially online in order to reach users who are currently mainly at home
  6. Overall, the customer journey now plays an even greater role. Local facilities and locations can continue to score through built trust and local branding. Sensible marketing + online services + accessibility and creative ideas can be decisive advantages in the crisis and in competition
  7. Ultimately, all of these measures provide the basis for being in the best possible position even after COVID-19 in order to offer customers the best possible customer experience online and offline. Certainly, the practices used up to now will also change among consumers. This is exactly where chance and profits lie in the future.
Digital measures in location marketing

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