Delivery: Can it be done without?

Can you still do without online shipping these days?

There is hardly anything you can’t have delivered to your home. But is this a general customer wish or can one do without it without accepting a big loss of sales?

📦 Even if online shipping continues to increase, there is still a large group of customers who like to look at the products on site and also get advice on them. Of course, this is highly dependent on the products one wishes to buy.

🚚 Shipping is an additional cost and time factor for the retailer, but the end consumer is quite willing to accept additional costs for this service. Free shipping above a threshold value can even invite more purchases. For example, if the customer wants to buy a product for 29 euros, but free shipping only starts at 40 euros, the temptation to buy more products is great – especially if the shipping costs are 5 € or more.

As a rule, online shipping is worth the effort. The best thing is to try it out and watch the sales!