Change: What is important in marketing?

What is changing in marketing?

Good marketing is a real booster for sales on all channels. But today it is no longer enough to say: “We have the best product!”, even if the core idea is behind it.

💬 Storytelling? An important criterion in sales! To convince customers, personal stories are worth their weight in gold. Pointing out functional or price features is not enough – especially since comparison sites can now do that in seconds.

💬 The main thing is that it’s only secondarily about the products and more about the story behind them or the feeling that comes with owning them.

💬 Customers want to feel well advised, not deceived. 🤝 Small instructions in video format that show the possible uses of the products are suitable for this – the digital consultation. But be careful: quality must be at the top of the list! 🚀

❕ With a good target group approach and a high click rate – for example through SEA – you arrive exactly where the potential clientele is waiting.

The interaction with customers after the purchase is also important. For example, if there is something to complain about, then an apology is appropriate – even if the fault may not lie with the retailer!

Quality and quantity go hand in hand!

Change in marketing