Bringing local offers directly to interested parties

Everything for the family!

Local suppliers have an advantage over those from “outside”, and not just since awareness of regional products has increased. People like to set themselves apart at all levels – from their immediate neighbour, the neighbouring district, the neighbouring town and so on.

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 In a big “family”, you stick together and this mantra is engrained in the minds of potential customers.

📌 This is why services and products from your own city are generally viewed with a bonus of trust and are often even considered to be of higher quality. Geographical proximity to the owner is sufficient for this.

👉 With SEA in particular, you can bring your local offers directly to interested parties and stand out positively through your location alone. Hardly anyone will say that they don’t want to support their own city – after all, they live there!

Awareness of other crises promotes local patriotism even more and benefits local providers.

Local presence is a real argument!