Awakening desires for services

Clarity through visibility: show everyone what you’ve got!

Products that can be touched, smelled, tasted or heard are often easier to sell to the target group, as the sensory experience is a strong selling point. But what about services that you can’t “feel” directly?

💡 You can only want something if you know about it! For example, if you see a beautiful garden or a fine floor elsewhere, the desire for your own home can manifest itself here.

🔨 The service itself may be hard to sell, but the potential result is very good. Saving time and a professional result are desirable for most people.

📌 The best way to communicate these visions is through images and videos. A brief tour of a colourful garden or a perfectly renovated bathroom arouses more emotions than any description of services, no matter how detailed.

When potential customers see these adverts on social media from a local service provider, feelings of local patriotism, closeness and security are also aroused.

Simply show what you have to offer!

Wishes for services