Advertising leaflets: Are they still in high demand?

The advertising brochure is the most popular advertising medium in Germany. Millions of them land in letterboxes every day.

But do they still have much acceptance and are they still needed❓

🎯 In fact, most retailers – large and small – now also advertise a lot in the digital space. Their own website, app or social media are ideal for bringing their own promotions and offers to the target group.

🎯 Consequently, the brochures are designed for those who spend little or no time in the digital space. However, this group is becoming smaller and smaller. More and more retailers are deciding to stop using the printed versions.

🎯 In addition to the costs, the sustainability aspect also plays a decisive role here. It saves a lot of paper, as well as toner and energy.

❗ For the decision, you should keep your target group in mind and consider whether they could do without the physical advertising brochures. However, the trend is clearly towards digital versions.

Digital advertising is on the rise. You should be part of it.

Advertising leaflets