Accessibility: Which communication channels are important?

When, where and how should I actually be reachable for my customers as a trader or service provider and which channels are best suited for this?

📞 The answer to this question depends on your own requirements and the industry. As a 24-hour emergency service, you should of course leave a telephone number and be available around the clock. A dealer in wooden goods can also postpone the problems and enquiries to a selected period of time.

📞 Popular in the digital space are contact forms or providing an email address. With the contact form, it is possible to narrow down the problem, i.e. to carry out a pre-sorting. E-mails come in unfiltered and then have to be sorted and processed according to concerns.

📞 Availability by telephone (at certain times of the day) is a further service, but also involves more effort, especially if this means that other work processes have to be continuously interrupted. 😐

❕ Automated appointment booking systems are available for service providers in particular. This already eliminates a large part of the telephone call.

👉 You don’t always have to be available. The only important thing is to clearly mark the contact on your own website or social media. This way there will be no misunderstandings.

A structured contact page is important!