3 trends for online retail

Online trade is booming, but not everywhere in the same way. There are a few trends that retailers can take advantage of to increase sales.

🥇 Being mobile is not just a matter of getting around, but also of online shopping. While sitting comfortably on the sofa or using public transport, people have plenty of time for surfing and shopping. A well-adapted mobile version of the online shop is therefore essential in order to take advantage of this trend.

🥈 The desire to shop via social media is a trend that can be exploited above all through good marketing. Product introductions, targeted and target group-oriented advertising and cooperation with influencers contribute to increasing sales.

🥉 A real shopping experience online works best through communication. A chat via the website or with the help of chatbots helps the potential customer and is an appreciation for their interest. Nobody likes to be left alone – not even when shopping online.

These trends can increase sales!