Videos: Indispensable media

What makes videos indispensable in marketing today?

📒 Relaxed information. Who likes to read through long instruction manuals 😴 when there is also a short video that explains everything perfectly? Our brain first has to convert texts into images and that is an exhausting process, especially if you only have a little time and want to use it to relax.

💟 The personal touch. Many customers would prefer to be advised directly by the boss. This gives a feeling of appreciation and personal recognition. With videos, you can tie in with this feeling and give the customers a personal recommendation. It calls for action and is much more than just information.

🌺 The flair. Background, music, impressions – with a good video edit you can convey so many emotions that directly pick up the customer and take them on a journey. The quality of a video is directly decisive for its success, and that doesn’t just mean the focus and a clear sound.

Videos sparen Zeit, sind persönlich und wecken Emotionen. Das sollte man nutzen!