Several 1000 campaigns with just one click

A thousand and one campaigns!

The more locations you set up and the more different regions you are in, the more different the advertising campaign can be that exactly matches the mentality and willingness to shop of the customers.

🏪 1000 campaigns sounds like a confusingly high number, but when you consider the different locations and branches of companies, different channels and types of campaigns, suddenly it’s not so many.

👁‍🗨 We are not saying that flyers and brochures no longer bring success. There are still target groups that are addressed via print media. In 2023, however, digital possibilities should by no means be ignored and campaigns should be run on many different channels – tailored to the region and personalised.

📀 Our software handles these campaigns according to individual specifications with just one click and it only takes a few minutes from concept to successful execution.

Taking advantage of all opportunities and being broadly positioned will ultimately bring more sales!

1000 campaigns with just one click