Needle in a haystack: How do I find suitable clients in the vicinity?

How do I approach suitable customers in the vicinity?

In the digital space, anyone can access their own channels, no matter where they are in the world. But probably not every garden service from Hamburg is willing to visit customers in Chile.

📍 The location is therefore crucial and this can be effortlessly identified today – with a perimeter limit.

📍 So with local ads you can reach a lot of people, but actually you only want those who are also interested in your product or service.

📱 This is where the surfing behaviour and personal preferences of the many users come into play. Modern algorithms identify precisely those who show a high level of interest and potentially generate more sales.

👉 So instead of targeting everyone in the world, you limit yourself to those in the vicinity who are most interested in buying. You then approach this selection directly where they prefer to be and show them your product.

Get a lot of reach with just a few clicks!

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