Digital location marketing: 7 quick tips and tricks

Efficient location marketing is not easy in digital times.

Here are 7 quick tips & tricks on how to make it work anyway!

1️⃣ Use the social media channels of your city or region – a benefit for both sides. 2️⃣ Create an attractive online offer – contemporary and target group-oriented. 3️⃣ Offer your customers added value – sell an experience and not just a product! 4️⃣ Design your website to be user-friendly – clearly laid out and also optimised for mobile devices. 5️⃣ Pay attention to good search engine optimisation (SEO) – be found faster and more often. 6️⃣ Place targeted online advertising – you know your target group best. Where is it on the move? 7️⃣ Use the power of recommendations – happy customers like to recommend. This works even better with incentives!

Digital and real worlds do not have to be in competition. You can use the advantages of both worlds for your business and win customers through multiple channels.

Local retail is important for Germany. Stay on the ball!

Digital location marketing