Content or visibility: what really counts?

Content or visibility – which is more important?

It’s a bit like the question of quantity or quality. With the right advertising measures, you can increase click rates and address the target group correctly. Isn’t that already enough?

🎴 A real-world example might make it clearer. You can announce a big promotion in brochures and on posters and thus attract many people to your shop. But if the promotion itself is disappointing for the customers, you have thrown the money out the window.

💡 Making your own business visible is very important for a successful strategy, but the different channels must also be able to score with high-quality and interesting content. Otherwise, potential customers will quickly disappear again.

👉 In the worst case, you even get negative reviews. That’s why a holistic strategy is so important. That doesn’t mean you can’t try different things, but they should always look inviting and professional.

It’s all in the mix!

Content or visibility