Augmented Reality: Something for your business too?

New technologies can take marketing strategy to a new level. Of course, not everything fits your own business. What about augmented reality?

What about augmented reality?

💡 AR technology is now well tested and a range of devices can support the experience. What is it particularly well suited for?

👉 Unlike virtual reality, AR only extends reality. For example, in a shop you could imagine that when you see a product, information appears directly on the edge of the AR glasses – more detailed product data, the manufacturer’s page or the delivery option.

📌 Looking at products in your own home that are available to order online is also a sales strategy – for furniture, for example.

📌 In addition, the inner workings of products can be shown, for example, or the final result of the product, how it will look when finished. The fields of application are large.

Whether the investment is worthwhile depends on your own range and goals. In general, however, it is worth considering!