Artificial intelligence: What can it support?

Artificial intelligence is value-adding!

Many people still think of science fiction when they hear the abbreviation ‘AI’. In the meantime, however, development has come so far that applications in many areas are possible and make sense. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection has published a good overview. (

Essentially, 4 sub-areas are declared here:

🤖 Management of staff, inventory, energy and optimisation of pricing are key processes that impact the entire business.

🤖 Storage and transport logistics. Transport in particular can be planned more efficiently and without unnecessary empty runs. Climate-friendly and cost-cutting.

🤖 In the local shop or on the website, personalised customer experiences can be created above all – value-added advice.

The customer experience and its evaluation are important for feedback. Chatbots are an automated solution here, just like personalised marketing.

📌 Artificial intelligence can help in all important areas and is already in use at many companies.

Man and machine work hand in hand!

Artificial intelligence