5 tips for automated campaign management that will rock your marketing

5 tips to get the most out of automated campaign management.

Automating campaign management can save time and increase efficiency. Here are 5 tips to add more value to your campaigns:

1. segmentation: knowing which market and audience you want to target helps enormously with automated campaigns.

2. personalisation: One-size-fits-all advertising no longer works, especially in social media. Users need to be picked up on their interests and values.

3. a/b testing: Whether your own website or different types of campaign. A/B testing provides reliable figures on the success rate of several different versions.

4. placement: Where on the Internet can I best reach my target group? Are they on social media or do they tend to use services such as Google?

5. localisation: Are there many branches? Then marketing can be organised very locally. This means you are no longer “the big corporation”, but rather the well-known shop on street XY.

This is how to get the best out of automated campaign management!

Automated campaign management