Online-Marketing Agentur vs SAAS Marketing-Plattform

SAAS Markketing Plattform

We offer a SAAS Online-Marketing-Platform for local online marketing on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other websites, in all advertising formats including video, fully location-personalized & brand-compliant.

Local: obstacle or opportunity


Regional’ and ‘local’ are two terms that are used a lot for advertising purposes and are associated with many positive emotions. Why is this and does it benefit local businesses?

The font: A lot of statement, little effort


Just as a beautiful handwriting can be a trademark, so is the font in the digital space. The selection is large and you are sure to have found a few favourites quickly.

Images: Transporting emotions

Bilder teaser

A beautiful holiday picture immediately puts us in a mood of longing. We associate it with many wonderful memories and a great time.

Showing face: The personal touch

The face conveys emotions and can send many signals to the other person. That’s why people always look at each other’s faces first when they meet. This forms the first impression of a person and is difficult to revise.

Stay true to the line: online and offline

Der Linie treu bleiben Teaser

Before you open a trade or offer a service, you already have very concrete ideas about how the concept …

Purchase on installments: new blossoming of the model?

Kauf auf Raten Teaser

What does the digital world actually look like? Is buying in installments still important or even more popular than ever?

Cooperation: Become visible together

Kooperation Teaser

Competition is good for business, but collaboration can do the same. Making yourself visible in the digital space is not always easy. However, cooperation with other local dealers can help here.

Online platforms: are they worth it?

Online-Plattformen Teaser

Many people use various websites to find out about prices, availability, delivery times and much more before purchasing products. Platforms are particularly popular.

Online or offline? Where do people prefer to shop?

online oder offline Teaser

Online trading has exploded, especially during the pandemic. 2021 was exactly in this time and statista conducted surveys …