Online complaints

Ratings, reviews and comments on your own website or in social media can vary greatly. One is happy about positive news, enquiries and good reviews. But of course there is also the other side.

Website: Is a revision necessary?

Many retailers and service providers have had their own website for a long time and provide information about or sell their products there. Time is changing and new trends and also technical innovations are emerging all the time.

Personal appreciation

Persönliche Wertschätzung

For everyone it is a positive experience when you are valued. Of course, customers also like this feeling. How do you do this online?

Advertising: offline or online?

Werbung Teaser

Do I invest in advertising online or offline? Over the past few years, the relationship between the two options has come closer and closer. While in 2013 just 29% of advertising investments were in online advertising …

Local offer: Digitize anyway?

lokales Angebot Teaser

Online trading is booming. The number of orders on the Internet is constantly increasing. What if I can’t send my services and if they only take place locally?

Who is where? generations on the internet


For every dealer and service provider, the target group is an important factor in the sales strategy. All target groups are available on the …

Digital channels: Which ones are worthwhile for me?

There are now so many digital channels available that it is easy to lose track. Some of them are particularly suitable for certain product …

Online Marketing For Doctors: Is It Necessary?


With weeks of waiting for appointments with specialists, one should assume that they do not need a marketing strategy, but thanks to the …

Corona Innovation – what will remain?

Corona Innovation (Teaser)

During the Corona Pandemic, retailers had to be creative. New concepts have been introduced to keep shops open. ✌
But what will remain after the pandemic? ????

Is local business dead?

Ist das lokale Geschäft am Ende (Teaser)

Is local business dead? And if not, how can you help him fight against the big eCommerce giants?