Hyperlocalisation Ads

Hyperlocalisation Ads – Localyzer launches new tool to bulk book thousands of local online campaigns – at the push of a button!

With our latest software product, we offer the easiest way to generate thousands of local online location campaigns in a centrally controlled way.

✅ On all channels: Facebook, Instagram, Search, Youtube, Display, Apps ✅ All formats: Image, Text, Video ✅ All advertising media can be personalised per location: Name, store image, price, local address, coupons, language … ✅ Can be used globally with local targeting on postcode/perimeter No minimum budgets Comprehensive and detailed reporting: overall, per location, per channel, per advertising medium, per asset … ✅ Fully automated and API controlled

More than 4,500 local location campaigns have already been realised with the first customers in the last few days.

The campaign conception, ad personalisation and then subsequent booking in and going live took place in less than 24h.

The first results in the form of online KPIs and the measurement of store traffic are already very positive.

We look forward to providing more insights here soon, stay tuned.

With our Hyperlocalisation Ads, we now offer a fast and cost-effective alternative to well-known offline location marketing measures such as brochure advertising and co.

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